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Stronger, More Energy Efficient, Less Expensive

Innovation is hallmark of progress. Since about 1970 there has been little to no change in the way homes are built.  That is now changing. Walls can now be printed. The accuracy and precision of computing is being applied to how we make homes.

Stronger – When compared to traditional frame or block construction, printed concrete walls have higher compressive strength. Further, since the walls do not have grout joints, printed walls don’t have places for step cracks to occur. This leads to a stronger, more durable wall that will age gracefully and need less maintenance.

More Energy Efficient – A typical 8″ block wall that is insulated has about an R-9 insulation rating. A traditional 2×4 frame wall has an R-16 rating. A typical 10″ printed exterior wall has an R-26 rating.   

Less Expensive – By simplifying wall assemblies, printed walls use less materials, less labor and that saves money. 

Safer – Concrete walls have proven to be the most fire resistant of all walls. Printed walls are just safer than frame or standard block walls. 

Pest Resistant – Printed walls can’t be eaten by bugs. Plain and simple. 

Built Faster – By simplifying wall assemblies and allowing trades to work while walls are being constructed homes can be built in a fraction of the time of traditional construction. This time savings translates to shorter construction loans for customers, saving you money.