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About Us

We have hearts for the next generation and beyond.

Currently, 58% of young adults are living with their parents. This is higher than anytime in modern American history including the great depression. 

Since 2000, home price increases have outstripped wage growth by 9.5 : 1. 

Starter homes are no longer attainable for a large percentage of Americans. In the last 23 years average wages have gone up 30%. Average Housing prices have increased 286%.  

Not only are starter homes not affordable, neither is rent. Since 2000 average rent has increased 82% or almost 3 times more than wages. The results of this are that the number of homeless in America has gone from 170,000 to over 553,000 and 20% more of the young adults in America are now living with their parents. 

These facts are unacceptable. And we are going to help transform construction to make homes and the dream of home ownership affordable again.